Reproductive Services- Cattle

At Stuart and Anita Veterinary Clinics we realize that reproductive success is the first step to a profitable and sustainable cow herd.

We can help you with many specialized reproductive services for your cow herd. Our highly trained veterinarians and staff can help you with the following: prebreeding vaccination schedules, prebreeding fertility (breeding soundness) exams on bulls, heifer development strategies, heifer prebreeding/pelvic measurement exams, Ultrasound Services, estrous synchronization protocols, artificial insemination, and embryo transfer. 


Beef cattle management - Estrous Synchronization
The Estrous Synchronization Planner software program is utilized by the clinic veterinarians to achieve successful cattle herd estrous synchronization. This powerful program, which was developed by the North Central Region Reproductive Task Force, incorporates individual producer inputs for a wide variety of the latest research-based estrous synchronization programs. As a result, the program summarizes the planning steps, schedule of events, and cost per expected pregnancy for each synchronization program to assist the producer.

Beef cattle management - Beef Breeding Soundness
Cow calf producers should insist on a complete bull breeding soundness exam for their herd bulls and bulls they plan to purchase. It is important the bull has had a complete exam that includes evaluation of structural and internal anatomy. We frequently detect issues on a full exam that can result in partial or even total reproductive failure. Semen- only evaluations are available, but for several reasons sterile or problem bulls are not consistently detected by this method. As a result of semen-only examination failures, pastures having the majority of the females open at fall pregnancy exams are becoming more common

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