Our clinics do hundreds of reproductive ultrasound evaluations each year in many species, mainly cows. 

Early pregnancy diagnosis: Using cattle ultrasound, pregnancy diagnosis can be made as early as day 21 (in cattle) and day 14 (in mares) of gestation with near 100% accuracy. Although only about 3 mm in length, the fetus and its beating heart can be visualized at this time.

Accurate Fetal Aging: Fetal age can be determined within a range of only a few days. Accurate aging becomes more difficult as we get much beyond day 150 of gestation.

Fetal Sexing: Fetal sex can be determined at near 100% accuracy between days 60-90 of gestation. Fetal sex can be determined with limited success after day 90.

Analysis of Ovarian Structures: Differentiation can be made between corpora lutea, follicles and cysts.

Detection of twins: This is most important in mare ultrasound and should be done at less than day 30 of gestation. In all other species, please contact us.